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Portuguese Media report on The Americas: Top to Bottom.

Some of the most important media outlets in Portugal reported recently on the planned 31,000 miles of The Americas: Top to Bottom project. Outlets such as RTP, Portugal's state-owned radio and television company; Visão, Portugal's highest circulation weekly magazine, a part of the Grupo Impresa; Publico, one of Portugal's most important generalist print newspapers; and a few others. To take a look at the articles (in Portuguese), click on the links below:


Two more Partners signed up

Correio da Manhã ( and ( are the two latest companies to sign up as partners of The Americas: Top to Bottom. Correio da Manhã is the highest circulation generalist print newspaper in Portugal and comes in as a Media Partner. is an on-line store for imaging and communication equipment. Welcome! Correio da Manhã and join forces with the other partners, namely Adamastor Travel, Cultiv8, Trevl, Luso-Americano, Palavra de Viajante, MotoXplorers, and Bob’s BMW. For a bit more on them and their internet links, see the Links page.

The Americas: Top to Bottom presented in Lisbon

Late in June, I made a quick trip to Lisbon to make two public presentations on The Americas: Top to Bottom. The first one took place at MotoXplorers (, the Lisbon- based BMW Motorrad official travel and rental partner; and the second one at Palavra de Viajante, ( a book and accessory store for the traveler. Both of them went very well. One last word of advice: if you are in Lisbon and are considering traveling around the country, do visit these two fine stores!

The Americas: Top to Bottom on the pages of the Luso-Americano of June 18, 2014

That’s right, a full page article with a front page mention. Luso-Americano is the newspaper of record of the Portuguese community on the East Coast and carries a lively selection of articles on the U.S. Portuguese community. A big thank you to Maria do Carmo, who interviewed me for this article. Click on the thumbnail on the right to see the full article (in Portuguese).

The Americas: Top to Bottom goes public!

With the launching of this website, The Americas: Top to Bottom project goes public. The effort so far has been focused on “signing” Media and Project Promotion Partners, and the response so far has been gratifying. On the Donors side, things are also shaping up nicely for “The Dream,” but there is still a lot of work to be done...

You are cordially invited to watch this space for further updates on preparations for the journey!